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Well, I certainly hope to have done something awesome, but I got ahead of myself and poorly constructed it. Either way it's cute and serves it's purpose.
Wanna see?

Open, you can see my crooked elastic. I wish I had spent a little more time with this because it could have looked really nice, and I can only fold it a certain way now. :<

Everything in it. I'm waiting for my new DPNs to come in. I've got a cable clip, measuring tape, screwdriver (hey, you never know), embroidery thread, SD and micro SD cards, pins, a needle, gift tags, various crochet hooks and knitting needles and the best pair of scissors in the world.

A lumpy burrito. Now I just need to work with this design and make something that I can carry in my purse better without it spilling everywhere.

I am now in Pittsburgh. I'm happy and comfy and there's snow! I cannot express to you how much I like LOVE snow.
David's kitties are doing well. I'll post pics as soon as I can get them.

I'm currently working on a beanie. But I am having the worst time getting a pattern that will work with the needles I have. I have size 6 circulars. I have size 6 DPNs on the way. But darnit. Not here. And  I have to learn to color switch. >.> Oh the joys of a beginner.


dude that is awesome. You should have added a little pouch flap thing to the bottom so everything has a place to sit on (so it doesn't fall out the bottom and the top). But seriously, that is a great idea.

Everyone on my f-list has been talking about knitting lately so as soon as I get home I am making some hats XD hahah.
Its so cute!!!! I love it!
I love knitting <3