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EGL posts PT1 - INCEPTION to Dec 31, 2003

Hopefully this will give everyone insight as to how the style has evolved as well as what it has maintained. And to avoid other needless drama that has been discussed a thousand times over.

Yoyogi Koen Park
Manga Info: Lolita Complex
Begins in the End (lolita - influenced art)
Cute Pencil Sketch
Cute Pencil Sketch 2
How to Thrift!
Plushie Inspiration
More goth style, but still cute
one post mentioned Sepulchral Lolita. (how cool, right?)
Hot Topic leaves a bad taste in the mouth
What Lolita Means - incident #1 (in my book. there are some discussions before that, but they're simple little things)
Gothic Beauty has an article on Lolita
Parasol Construction
Bustle Skirts - observation and info!
Confusion over the feature of swastika in J-fashion
Commericially available sewing patterns adaptable to lolita
Tips on Headpieces
Antique Ballet Dress for Inspiration
Altering a square dance petticoat
Useful EMS rate quotes from Japan to most anywhere
(just going to note right now, unless the information can stand alone, i will not post much with broken links or broken pictures)
Alice in Wonderland Mercantile (selection has dwindled)
What Lolita Means - incident #2 ( the line of creativity and definition becomes an issue)
At this point, there are lots of sales.
TotoDeDum introduction - this is worth noting because, although the headdress pictures aren't up, there are some LOVELY modification pictures left in her flickr.
Tips on Makeup - very nice, even without pictures. the color schemes are nice.
Regarding Metamorphose One-Sizing-Fits-All
Lolitaesque oil paintings! (more on the gothic side)
Analysis Crisis old page
Switchblade Symphony Discussion?
handmade plaid dress
Discussion/Debate/Arguement about clothing quality and the importance thereof
An Article from an Outsider - Or "Gothic Vampires take over Japan's Youth"
Another Article
Hime-chan and MMM
How to use Grommets
A little information on skin lightening without face powder - note - whiteface is generally not seen anymore. (pale face achieved by cream or powder makeup)
Image resources
Lace Heaven
Alice Doll Snap information
at this point in the fashion, hair falls and legwarmers are popular.
The first EVER bodyline review - they've changed. believe it or not.
Under the Glass Moon - manga review (i own these as well and enjoy them very much. even so many years later)
Another Gothic Beauty article on Lolitas
General sizing chart for Gosurori mooks
Another Article on Gothic Lolita (we sure are popular, eh?)
What Lolita Means - incident #3 (here we discuss the book in relation to fashion further, as well as debate over hot topic commercialising the fashion in a poor representation)
Age and Lolita - incident #1
A want for a sales comm?
First Ever ITS review! (In The Starlight!)
From here on, the posts show an increase in wanting quality and wariness of ebay sellers.
Older Indies Brands
Art by momoirokumo
Gothic Lolita Murders (link to news inside post)
Advice about Winter Fashion!
At this point in time, brands like h.Naoto and Sex Pot aren't really considered to be much in the way of lolita fashion (which is still, for the most part, being called EGL) New persons start posting with "Please don't hurt me" and "I'm sorry". Please be confident, lolis!
In defense of Hot Topic Lola Goth brand - this debate is as old as the hills. References to Elitism in the community.
A depressing Song "I look up when I walk" - Lyrics Here - posted for a seemingly fitting mood of egl.
Pincurls Tutorial
Petticoat/Pannier as a Skirt itself? - these days this is unnacceptable.
Review of Homemade Gothic and Lolita (or Gosurori #1)
Great Research on the evolution of goth and lolita in japan.
Vive Lolita Shop
Art by Rocococious - Sweet but Flawed - Dark as Day
Halloween Lolita Dress
Advice about Hair!

Jan 1, 2004 - April 29, 2004
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