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anything from swimmer comes through fine.
I can order for other people and it works out fine.
:< So celga now has another $40.00 of my dollars that they are just fucking around with.

Yes it showed up.  Hyla is looking into why this
happened. :-(
As for the doubles of purchases, when you have to
resubmit an order to give us the transaction ID it
shows up twice on the web page for while.  But you
will NOT be charged twice or receive 2 of the item.
Thank you and I'm very sorry for the trouble!

--- Kim Smith <buttercup8642@hotmail.com> wrote:
> i've done so. please let me know if it shows up.
> i also want to check on why i've got multiples of
> purchases. (if i have two of the swimmer camera case
> that is fine, but i do not want two earmuffs)
> Thanks.
That is very distressing!! I checked every backup we
have and for some reason I don't see your order
anywhere (except on your my celga page). ;_;
I am not sure what is going on, so will you please do
a test, just place a bid but instead of a url put XXX
and amount 1 yen?
I want to see if it is a specific problem with your
account or if it was an issue at the time the bid was
I'm SO sorry  about this and will note your account
with free markup for your next item. 
Further, if you don't mind for the next couple of real
orders can you please confirm with us that we received
I'm TERRIBLY sorry for the problem and that we
couldn't win this skirt for you. ;_;

Ok. I'm slightly upset. This is the second time things have not worked through your site for me.
I am pasting a link to the view of my bids screen and the transaction for that skirt which was not bid upon.

Please let me know what is going on.
Thank you,

> Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 12:20:54 -0800
> From: bustakei@yahoo.com
> Subject: RE: ORDER - Kimberly Smith
> To: buttercup8642@hotmail.com
> Hello,
> We did not win this item. I see no record of you
> having placed a bid request for it. Can you please
> double check the url?
> Thank you!
> Carrie
> www.celga.com
> --- Kim Smith <buttercup8642@hotmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > I'd like to ask about this auction:
> >
> http://page2.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b92998631
> > I put money on it, and it seems to have been bid on
> > and won.
> > May I request the status?
> > Additionally, if it has been won, I don't know how
> > long the period of pay is for Y!Japan.
> > It has been three days and I wouldn't want you all
> > to lose good standing by being late to pay.
> > Thanks,
> > Kim
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