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A hat loosely based off of Turn a Square... and some cats

This is Poncho. She's a rescue kitty. Her first home was abusive and she's got some trust issues. This is a rare pose.

This is Izzy. He is extememly apathetic. He is sniffing the hat i made for boyfriend. I am wondering if those... ridge ruffles will come out after a wash.

And I am wearing the hat to ensure wearability. I like to model my junk. (OMG MYSPACE)
Whoa eyes are green tonight. >.> And pale...
Is anyone else seeing a lazy eye? I can never replicate that in real life and yet... there it is. Maybe the camera bugs that eye out or something.


Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Charcoal on 10.5 circular needles.
I love the hat! And
That picture ... of the kitty... way too cute