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A bunneh has been madeth.

She's going to be a lucky someone's Christmas gift!
I'm thinking of offering the pattern for her since she's my original bunny.

I used the same head proportion as Miuku, but everything aside from the head is completely mine, improved on a car trip. 
The dress was made on her.

Names for Bunny?


That is so cuuute~
I want to learn how to make these, there is an adorable but of amigurumi at michael's x.x
Aw, cute :3
That. Is. Adorable.

I think you should name the bunny Matilda, yepyep.
omg where have you been? Trillian just put out a patch for the MSN bug (it won't let me use messenger....) so i haven't seen you in a bit. whoa.
It totally works fine with me.

But I just upgraded, so yeah.
Dunno, now I've been running main msn with my trill.
see, i couldn't get mine to work with msn messenger. i thought it was cause i already connected my account to trillian. maybe my account is being stupid.
I think your account is just being a retard. Because I shift between Trillian and MSN quite seamlessly. It just says "You've signed on on another computer."

And for the record, I've fallen in love with that damned bunny.
This is why I hate yarn >.>
yeah, I just tried it.
It worked fine for me =/



Beth Bunny?