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Thursday Thirteen! I give you a list of 13 things. :3
#2 - "My Kittens love..."
1.) My feet under the blanket
2.) My fingers to nibble on
3.) Any yarn I'm working with
4.) Any food I'm making or trying to eat
5.) My laptop when I'm trying to type
6.) Each other's tails
7.) After nibbles to lick and fall asleep
8.) The older cats to teach them to scratch the wall for no reason after using the litter box....
9.) Trekking across the great wilderness that is my luggage
10.) My computer power cord
11.) Giving each other baths
12.) A Warm place to snuggle
13.) Kisses (Alice will hover in my face until I kiss her nose, Lucy will stop biting if she wants kisses, and Coal just snuggles until you do)


pretty much, yes.