Du blutest nicht genug für mich (ieatedyourcooki) wrote,
Du blutest nicht genug für mich

Music Rotation #2

In this bundle:

1) What is this Feeling? - Wicked (Broadway) Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenowith
2) Tsurupettan - The flat-chested song
3) Starless Night - Olivia Lufkin (one of the songs from NaNa)
4) Burnin' X'mas - TM REVOLUTION (cause i missed xmas for you all... )
5) September - Earth Wind and Fire (Do You Remembah?)
6) Taishou A - anNina (pretty ending theme to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai)
7) How Soon is Now? - Love Spit Love (charmed theme)
8) SAKURA drops - Utada Hikaru
9) Kuchibiru kara Romantica - AAA (j-pop... swing?)

Download >>Here<< via rapidshare
These are a mix of MP3 and WMA formatted songs.
I am a jerk and I won't let you download individual songs. Try them all please!

Remember this music is for sampling purposes only. Delete after 72 hours.
Support the artists by buying their music on amazon.com or yesasia.com!
Tsurupettan is free and clear of copyrights and can be kept. It is a freely distributed fansong to the best of my knowledge.
Tags: music: general

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