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sewing, lolita, love, and other oddities

Du blutest nicht genug für mich
19 September
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Apprentice Witch;;
I am known as Kim, Kimi, or Cooki, and I currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA. I am married with 3 cats. I like making friends, but every now and then I'll become reclusive. I am into lolita fashion (of the gothic and classic varieties) and I also like Natural Kei. My favorite colors are Navy, Pale Yellow, Orange, and Black.
☆ LOVES: Sewing, knitting, singing in the shower, her husband, her cats (Alice, Izzy, and Poncho), zakka items, and learning how to do new things.
☆ MY LOLITA AESTHETIC: I like gothic lolita where I can mix my romantic goth persuasions with lolita style. I also like theme lolita, where I can choose a theme and base a whole outfit around it. (Though I get hung up on multipurposing my clothing and it comes out rather versatile). I also enjoy classic lolita, but of a darker nature, and slightly more modern.
☆ MY NATURAL KEI AESTHETIC: Very close to my lolita aesthetic. I like natural kei as a compromise between lolita and the simpler styles that my husband enjoys. I love a classic and old-world feel.
☆ KNIT AESTHETIC: I try to knit things close to my favorite styles. I tend to pass up most knitting patterns that way.
☆ GOALS: It's terribly cliche, but part of me wants to be a fashion designer. I also want to be a linguist, the owner of a cat care center, or a yarn store owner.
☆ FANDOMS: うみねこのなく頃に (umineko)、ひぐらしのなく頃に (higurashi)、生徒会の一存 (seitokai no ichizon), Princess Tutu, Sanctuary, True Blood
☆ GREW UP: listening to damn yankees, reading miracle girls, plannet ladder, and watching peppermint rose.
☆ LANGUAGES: I wish I knew more Japanese, I'm losing my abilities at French, and I am gathering bits of Korean slowly.
☆ ALIGNMENT: I like to see myself as neutral. I might get fired up about something for a day, but after that, it doesn't matter to me as much or at all. It's even quite possible my opinion has changed.
☆ COMIC: I love drawing, and I feel like I should do it more often. I am a part of /rin/ project doujin group, and I plan to release a few collaborations with some other friends when I get motivated.
☆ CURRENTLY: sewing like a mad-woman trying to get projects completed.